Saving Your Precious Berries

I haven’t posted in a while…sorry about that! With the wedding coming up and a crazy work schedule, I haven’t had the chance to blog.

I mentioned on my Instagram account (dianalynm–find me!) that I would blog about how to keep your berries from growing mold. I try to buy my organic berries from Costco and it usually takes me about 2 weeks to eat through an entire container. Of course I try to encourage my future hubby and roommate/friend to eat as much as they want, but for some reason they don’t! I hate tossing food, especially berries, because although I buy them at Costco, they’re still so darn expensive!

So here’s a way to help increase the shelf life of your berries.

Mix one part organic apple cider vinegar to ten parts water. So, for every tablespoon of vinegar, mix in 10 tablespoons of water.

Let’s start with raspberries. Take two sheets of paper towel, stack them, and lay the stack on your counter top. Dump your berries in the water-vinegar solution and swirl. Take your raspberries out, handfuls at a time, and shake the water out of the inside by facing the inside down into the sink and shake. Lay the raspberries on the paper towel with the inside facing down (as shown in my photo) and let dry. Take another paper towel and gently dry the tops of the raspberries, not too hard because you don’t want to smash them.

Moisture is the enemy for berries, especially raspberries, so ensure that they are as dry as possible! Return them to the container and store them in your fruit drawer in your fridge (set at low humidity).

Repeat this process for strawberries and blueberries, but when you get to the drying stage, you can just roll them around on the paper towel, not as gently as with the raspberries. They are definitely easier to dry! Takes some work all around, but trust me, when you’re not tossing your raspberries three days after you purchased them, you’ll thank me!

In the last couple weeks, I accomplished two major skills at CrossFit! My first handstand push-ups and strict ring dips! Woohoo! I am truly proud of myself. I also achieved a new 1RM for my deadlift, yesterday. I’m up to 120#.



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