My Experience During The Open

I registered for The CrossFit Games Open knowing that it would be like running a marathon, but not crossing the finish line in first place! My goal is just to see where I stand, where I can improve, and to just finish!

13.1 was difficult for me just because my IRM on snatches is only 55#, still I made it through 100 reps: 40 burpees, 30 snatches, 30 burpees. The rest of the time was dedicated to trying to do at least one snatch, but it was pretty tough. Going for a 20# PR on my snatch was a difficult feat, but I used up the entire 17 minutes to try! Snatches are difficult for me and I was told by one of my coaches that using lifting shoes would provide more stability. I heeded her advice and ordered the CrossFit Lifters! They should be coming in anytime now.

I was excited about 13.2, only because I am fully capable of doing all those movements. I know that I can achieve some kind of shoulder to overhead at 75#, but going for multiple reps would be a feat for me. The deadlifts would also be no problem for me since my 1IRM is near 150# and the box jumps fine as well. I was able to complete 4 rounds + 17 reps for a score of 137. Not bad and I felt as if I could’ve done more, but I was starting to jerk the weight overhead as opposed to push pressing, which is what I started off doing. I got a few no reps towards the end and I knew I was almost out of gas. I wish I could have done the workout over because I found that stepping down after the box jumps helped tons of people save on gas! I may try this one again just for S&Gs after the open is over just to see what I get a second time around.

13.3 Is a tough one. 12 min AMRAP of: Karen (150 wall balls at 20# to 10’/14# to 9′), 90 double unders, and 30 muscle ups. The last time I did Karen, it took me damn near 17 minutes to complete! On top of that, I started off with 14# then had to drop to 12# after only 20 wall ball shots. I couldn’t believe it, but then I knew that wall ball shots are one of the things I don’t practice/do enough of, so I can’t really expect too much. I did, however, complete 93 wall balls in the allotted 12 minutes. Not the best score, but I’ll take it! Did the entire set Rx, of course, and boy was it tough! Then I watched Sam Briggs’ video of 13.3 and thought, “What the hell?! I could’ve used a 6kg ball, which comes out to 13.2#, and a smaller one at that?! I’m sure I would’ve broken 100 if I knew about that minimum standard! OH WELL!

13.4 Proved to be the TOUGHEST open workout for me. My 1RM for a squat clean was only 90# up until that point (not too far off from the Rx weight of 95#) and my jerk was up to 95#, however, I hadn’t attempted a C&J with that weight…EVER! I was sooo scared! I even debated not going for it, but I did while on vacation in San Diego. I hit up CrossFit Elysium¬†when Coach Paul judged me and my brother-in-law cheered me on for moral support! Sadly, I was unable to achieve a score of 1 in the 7 minutes. However, I did PR on my squat clean, but was unable to clean and jerk the 95#. I was a bit disappointed in myself and upset that I couldn’t even submit a score of “0.” I showed up, put in the effort, and have nothing to show for it. HQ should really have that fixed. It’s what distinguishes people who tried from those who said, “F that! Not even gonna attempt it…”

13.5 Was amazing! Well, first off, the last open workout was held in Santa Cruz, so a bunch of CrossFitters from my box headed down there to watch the epic throwdowns! What’s crazy is that when Camille was supposed to be in Brooklyn for 13.2, I thought, “There goes my chance of seeing her in Santa Cruz!” Then, she couldn’t make it because of visa problems and BOOM! HQ pulled through with my birthday wish and brought her to Santa Cruz! lol. Anyway, it was a great birthday! I’ll have to post another entry dedicated to that day alone!

On to the WOD…When I walked into my box to attempt 13.5, someone told me, “Diana! This is your workout!” I didn’t realize that chest-to-bar pull-ups were that difficult for people to master, but I knew I had them down. I was able to complete 40 reps! Doesn’t sound like much, but I have to compare myself to a couple people. My cousin has been doing CF for 2+ years and achieved a score of 40! One girl at my box that KILLS at WODs with any barbell movement achieved a score of 20! I couldn’t believe it…! It was definitely a boost of confidence! Also that day, I practiced my bar muscle ups. I’m using the resistance bands to get me up and over the bar, but I’m down to the black band (2nd least resistant)! Progress! Yea!

I know this was a lengthy post, without a recipe at that! But I wanted to share my experience from the past few weeks. The Open is definitely a humbling experience and it just makes me want to train that much harder for next year’s open! I’m so excited to see how much I will progress over the next year and where I will stack up to the thousands of other athletes during the 2014 CrossFit Open.

This was almost the length of a college essay…it will be in a hot second.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my posts! Lookout for more “springtime” recipes to come!